We have thirteen Radical Social projects getting off the ground - addressing social issues through arts and culture across Bradford and Keighley, all led by young people. Here's the run down on the projects:

Haris Ahmed

Age 19

A series of poetry sessions for children and young people to develop creative writing and performing skills to empower them and be inspired that people like them are leading a creative career and they can too.

Zahabia Naveed

Age 16

An allotment project to introduce more young people to gardening through creating a young people’s allotment group - learning about growing food, gardening and cooking. Photography will be used to record the development and support their learning.

Danny Duckworth aka Dolls Nest

Age 22

A talent competition for local LGBTQ+ creative performers. Creating a safe and welcome space for showcasing creative LGBTQ+ talent.

Ali Islam & Hasnain Shafiq

Age 17 & 18

Youth Cutz: using the barbershop space to support mental health issues by socialising with the community through barbering.

Mariyah Kayat

Age 20

Collaboratively create campaigns with young people via Speakers Corner that focus on mental health, body image and other issues that relate to young people and the wider community.

Natalie Jovanovich

Age 25

Art as therapy, as a form of expression, as a form of freedom. A collaboration with local arts practitioners to deliver online sessions with their Chronic Pain group.

Zakia Jabeen & Sajidah Shabir

Age 23 and 19

A series of creative workshops, that help young people to experiment with different art forms, exposing young people to new people as well as new career paths & creating a space for them to meet young people like themselves, make new connections & build confidence.

Haaris Ajaz

Age 25

A documentary film project highlighting the problem of speeding from different people’s perspectives. Telling the story around why people do it, who does it and who’s affected. Opening the conversation to discuss ‘why’.

Andres Volosyanko

Age 22

Online platform and campaign that aims to support consumers in their transition to sustainable living by tackling the main barriers associated with such a lifestyle.

Samiul Rahman

Age 19

A podcast series that shows Bradford in a positive light. Showcasing talent in Bradford and connecting young people to others in different sectors to chat about themes and topics.

Mohammed Saeed

Age 17

A documentary film showing hidden talents and cultures in Bradford. Highlighting how people get in to culture in the first place.

Louisa Mackleston

Age 25

A socially conscious short film called Ruth & Safiya that looks at marginalisation amongst elderly people and the displacement of refugee children in the UK.

Katie Mahon

Age 24

Mentoring young people and creating a performance-based YouTube channel in collaboration with Infinite Productions in New York.