Al Asma ul Husna

We used cultural heritage in an accessible and innovative way combining Arabic calligraphy, neon lighting and inventive design to create three new 3x3m light installations that encompass the qualities and attributes of three selected names of God. This is a collaboration is between The Leap, Muslim Women’s Council, artist Razwan Ul-Haq and 10 Muslim women in Bradford. The names were chosen and designs co-created by women from the Muslim Women’s Council with facilitation from Razwan. The neon installations went live during Eid in May and will be showcased again as part of LiT in Winter 2021.

This piece of work will act as a launch pad to develop another project that uses installation art and immersive technology to celebrate the 99 Names of God.

Bradford & District Creative Board(Formerly Programme Reference Group)

A key element of The Leap’s cultural programme, acting as a mechanism for democratising decision making and a sounding board to help shape design, development and activity within The Leap’s programmes.

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Local community champions and connectors who want to develop their skills and can bring others in their community together around solving local issues, using creativity as a tool to do this. We are supporting 23 Changemakers from across the District.

Change Space

The development of a piece of artwork that places communities as the custodians of their place, as architects and urban thinkers of the future. The Leap will bring together local communities with artists to co-create an example of how communities can reinvent spaces that are disused and underused to bring them into use for arts and culture.

Create Connect Make

Growing big creative ideas with communities and Keighley Library. Working with Artist, Jean McEwan and Keighley Library to transform the way libraries embed arts and culture in their spaces. Placing people at the centre of curating an exciting creative programme. More info soon!

Creative Consultations

During 2020/21 we supported 15 community organisations and artists to deliver creative consultation events and activities to find out what local people would like to see happen in their area in terms of arts & culture. This information will inform our future programme and help us advocate to other cultural providers in our District.

Creative Place Partners

Shifting power and decision-making to local people and to develop cultural skills, capacity and confidence in communities and partners. Growing the eco-system of support in local areas by training other organisations to lead their own culture support grant programmes. Currently open for applications.

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Developing Social Practice

We have launched a survey to delve into Social Art Practice and what this means for our communities and artists we are working with. Take the survey

We wish to use this research to take forward a set of actions that will embed more social practice in our areas of work. We want to enable more art & culture that reflects people’s lived experiences and improve connections between communities, artists and local stakeholders so they are working together across all areas of civic life.

Do It Thissen Cinema

A social cinema project connecting people through film, creating discussion and debate, offering a fun way for people to get together in their local area. The project is supported by Film Hub North with National Lottery funding on behalf of the BFI Film Audience Network. The Leap can provide you with the funding and support to set up screenings in your local area.

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New Music Project

A music project to bring joy and fun to 2021 and raise the profile of the city's talent. This project has recruited four young women to form a music band and a female band manager to support their development. The band are currently in rehearsals and collaboratively creating new songs. They'll be supported and coached as part of a talent development programme to get them ready to play live across the District later in the year. Watch this space for more info!

Radical Social Awards

The Radical Social programme is about supporting people and their ideas to create change using creative and entrepreneurial solutions to social issues. Providing opportunities for young people to pitch radical ideas and receive funding and bespoke support to develop those ideas into amazing new cultural experiences that address social change.

We have a cohort of 13 projects led by young people 16-25 years from barbering to filmmaking to an allotment design group.

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Summer Unlocked

A creative programme of family friendly activities and events happening across Bradford District. From Chalk Dances to Theatre in the Park to the Persian Paddle Boarder!

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