Feel Good Music Project: Bradford Rocks

The Feel Good Music Project aims to bring joy and fun to 2021 through developing and promoting the amazing and diverse female music talent within Bradford District in a new district wide Band.

The project will be documented in a short film, which we hope will capture the fun, joy and happiness that music can bring to a group of people connecting over the shared power of creativity. The project involves working with a talented group of acclaimed experts in the Music field and a team of pioneering arts and culture leaders Catherine Johns and Shazia Khadim.

The project will culminate in a live busk (or busks) in a location within the Bradford district to showcase the expert talent of the district and share the joy of music.

Band Members Wanted

Have you always dreamed of being a female rock superstar?

Got some skills that need an audience?

We’re looking for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums players who can sing. That means you!

All you have to do is record your favourite rock anthems, audition right into your phone’s camera or on your PC. Save it off. Then send in your audition to The Leap.., now! Just send it to: shazia@theleapbradford.co.uk

Then, the team will sort through all your amazing audition tapes, pass them by our musical gurus and together we’ll choose the five band members that will come in and receive mentoring, coaching and rehearsal. At the end of the summer, you’ll get a chance to perform live, right here in the heart of Bradford.

If you’ve got a dream, make it real! Feel good, change your life, with the Feel Good Music Project.

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